Winter Nights conference


Almost entire team had participated in recently ended (7-8 Feb 2014) Winter Nights conference for mobile developers in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Below are some thoughts about it: we went to the conference to found new developers contacts and discuss with publishers about our game. From this point of view the conference was a little bit disappointing. Most of the people on the conference were from marketing and advertise departments. But still we had some useful discussions with some publishers and fellow developers.

From organization point of view the conference was great. It really suits networking purposes very well. We booked some meetings prior conference with great meeting tool on conference site. During the conference there were plenty of space (like entire cafe) to discuss business details if you had to. There were great coffee breaks which opened great opportunities to make new contacts and also save your time from searching for a food court. Also worth to mention a networking party with great music, food and conversations.

So at the end of the day we have made some new contacts, feedbacks and agreements with publishers.

In conclusion: as a developer we found this conference useful (not as we hoped though ) . We have made several useful contacts, get great feedback about our game and are going to participate in next conference.