Current design for the game Exorcism


Hi , It’s been a while we’ve updated our blog.

All this time we’ve been developing the “Exorcism” game –   slow but steady. During this time there were several changes in game design.

The game still will be dual-stick shooter, but we want incorporate more RPG elements and add some NPC to be able provide story in more interesting way.
The most major design decision is – this game will be a premium game without additional payments. This decision affects some systems a lot.

So here is a game outline:

As we mentioned before: the main character is a member of Exorcist orden. So all actions between battles will be performed in a village which is exorcists’ HQ.


In this village player will be able perform next activities
* Reequip for battle
* Shop
* Skills training
* Additional quests
* Weapon crafting and upgrade (yeah you have to create your weapon by yourself)
* Alchemy for more powerful elixirs
* Gardening to provide ingredients for alchemy
* Forge of protecting and enhancing runes (there are no armors, but protecting runes)
* And probably more


Important part of it – there is a flow of time. So some activity like alchemy or skill training will require entire day to complete. But in the same time monsters activity will increase.

Regarding monster activity and battles: We want to implement two types of missions:

* Usual missions


It’s basically a survival mission: Character goes to mission location – and starts Exorcism spell. The spell requires time to completely purify this location. So player should keep this location free of monster during this spell time.

But if you not apply for this mission for several days – your fellow exorcists will fix it for you. You’re not alone

Plain and simple – it’s a dual-stick shooter after all.)

* Deep dungeon mission (Bosses)


But during lifetime there will appear big locations: dungeons in other dimensions. Consider them as bases of aliens in XCOM.
This missions will provide more exploration and loot.
So it’s complicated dungeon which consists of several levels and on bottom of this dungeon will be boss enemy.
Player be able leave the dungeon anytime – it’ll not disappear before boss is defeated. But if there are three such dungeons appear – your game is over.

As it’s a RPG with a bit of story – there will be NPCs to talk to. But we’ll explain them later.

In conclusion:
This design is bigger than before – initially we wanted to create just a simple twin-stick shooter with some RPG elements. So it’ll require additional efforts and we don’t expect release it before next spring.
We’ll keep your informed.