Ethical F2P


How you should monetize your game? – is a very popular question recently in indiedev community.  Statistically you definitely should go to F2P. But there are several discussions which draw F2P as a bunch of pure evil tricks to exploit weak points in human psychology.

We are  goes F2P anyway, because we think it’s actually better approach for online games. If player want play sometimes or he don’t know is it game suits him – he may just try it. But if player is fan of the game – he may invest some additional money (as I sometime invest in “collector edition”).

As we see it: F2P nor good, nor evil – only one thing which matter how you use it.

We intend to follow next rules, which we refer within the studio as Ethical Free toPlay

  • No paywalls . All content available through gameplay without real money spending
  •  No showstoppers. Player will be able to play without pauses, (but sometime with less ingame income)
  • No pay to win. This is actually refer to the first point. All features available for no spenders.
  • Premium content available only through gameplay. So some items you may only win, not buy.
  • Set limits for annual pay. We want to limit possible payment options up to couple of hundreds bucks, not thousands.

We think we should provide good service for fair payment. Not bigger, not less. Feel free to jump into discussion about it in comments. Thank you.

photo by lemonpixel