Tools which we use for collaboration


As a continuation of previous post I’ll describe which tools we use to organize our work as a team.

First of all we are  not work in office. We are a distributed team. But because all of us in the same city we perform face to face meetings once a week. It helps a lot actually.


So, usually for collaborative work you need three things: version control system, documentation storage and task tracking software.

We have all three: for version control we use SVN repository on our domain, and use integrated in shell client – Tortoise SVN to handle this stuff.

For documentation we use Google Docs – it’s a really great software for collaboration document handling. It has great on-line editors for different types of documents like spreadsheets and drawings.  Not to mention comments tool and sharing options.

Finally: for task tracking we use very simple  script WebCollab – it just a collection of notes with dates and milestones. Because we are a really small team we don’t need monstrous software like JIRA (which is actually good).

Also I want to mention – we have created mailing list to announce each other  about tasks we are doing. it’s quite useful thing .

Such organization tools really help to concentrate on game development rather than coordination tasks. If you just started your small indiedev studio I highly recommend use such tools as mentioned above.

Thank you. Stay tuned.