Tools we use to create game



Sometimes it’s interesting to know which tools was used for current game creation. I’m going to write up which tools we use to create our game.

Game engine

To make game creation as fast as possible it’s very wise to use already existed game engine. As many indie studios worldwide we use Unity game engine.

We decided to use this engine for several reasons: it’s free, it has great community, it simplify cross-platform deployment and most of all: we have several years of experience with the Unity.  So for code authoring we use integrated MonoDevelop IDE.

3D Art

For 3D content authoring we use Blender. There are also several reasons for it. It’s free, it has a lot of free tutorials and we have experience  with it. (Personally I prefer Blender to 3D Max and Maya – had a lot of experience with those tools too).

2D Art

For easy tasks we use Paint.NET. But for complex tasks there is the only option – Photoshop. We use Creative Cloud option to minimize our spend for tools.

Next post will be about tools which we use for collaboration work.